Apple Scientific Inc.


A & D WEIGHING: High Quality and Affordable Electronic Analytical and Top-Loading Balances and Electronic Scales

ACE GLASS: Scientific Glassware

ACCULAB BALANCES: Pocket, Portable and Electronic Balances & Scales

ACROSS CHEMICALS: Organic and Fine Chemicals

ADAM EQUIPMENT: Budget-priced electronic balances

ADENNA GLOVES: High Quality Latex, Vinyl and Nitrile Gloves

ADVANCED POLYMER SYSTEMS: Analytical Standards, Turbidity Standards and Turbidity Kit

ADVANTEC/MFS: Laboratory Filtration Products including Microbiology Supplies, Membrane Filters, Filer Holders, Thimbles, etc.

AGRI-PRO: Veterinary Instruments, Livestock Equipment and Disposable Wear

AHLSTROM FILTRATION: Laboratory Filter Paper and Glass Fiber Filters

AINSWORTH BALANCES: See Denver Instruments

ALCONOX: Cleaning  Compounds including Alconox and Liquinox

ALL PAK: Qorpak Bottles (Glass and Plastic), Jars, Vials and Closures.

AMERICAN CAN: Laboratory Parafilm M — moisture– resistant, flexible, self–sealing, semi–transparent, practically coloress, odorless…for research, clinical or industrial laboratories.

AMERICAN PRECISION  PLASTICS: Petri Dishes, Specimen Containers and Culture Tubes

ANACHEMIA CHEMICALS: Laboratory Chemicals and Solutions

ANALYTICAL SENSORS: Budget-priced pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and ISE Electrodes


ATAGO: Refractometers

ATM CORPORATION: Test Sieves and Sieve Shares

AZLON: Labortory Plastics - See Dynalon

BAKER, JT: Laboratory  Chemicals

BARNANT COMPANY: Manostat Pumps, Temperature  Products, Mixing Equipment, Air/Vacuum Pumps and Laboratory  Products

BARNSTEAD INTERNATIONAL: Cryogenic  Storage Equipment, Dispensers/Diluters, Dri-Bath Incubators, Environmental Chambers, Fluorometers, Furnaces, Heating Tapes & Mantles, Hot Plates, Incubators, Liquid Handling, Melting Point Apparatus, Mixers/Shakers, Ovens, Pyrometers, Recorders, Refrigerators/Freezers, Spectrophotometers, Sterilizers, Stirrers, Thermal Cyclers, Water Baths and Water Purification Equipment (including Deionization, Distillation, and Reverse Osmosis)


BECTON-DICKINSON  LABWARE: Centrifuge Tubes, Petri Dishes, Serological Pipets,  Tissue Culture Products

BEL-ART PRODUCTS: Scienceware  and Plasticware

BENNETT WOOD SPECIALTIES: Test Tube and Funnel Supports, Drying Racks, Micro Slide Boxes. All Products are wooden!

BERKSHIRE CORPORATION: Cleanroom Wipes, Glove Liners and Swabs

BEST MFG:   Gloves

BIOFIT: Laboratory Seating and Tables 

BIOMEDICAL POLYMERS: Disposable plastic products for specimen handling 

BIO-PLAS: Pipet Tips,  Microcentrifuge Tubes, Uni-Flex Safety Caps, Histo-Plas Products

BLACK MACHINE: Aluminum and Stainless Steel Baskets

BLUE M: Furnaces,  Incubators, Ovens, Shaking Baths and Water Baths

BOEKEL INDUSTRIES: Coolers, Dessicators, Incubators, Lab Jacks, Ovens and Rotators

BOMEX: Laboratory Glassware

BRADY WORLDWIDE: Safety & Facility Identification Products including tags, labels, signs and printers.

BRANDTECH SCIENTIFIC: Liquid  Handling Products and Vacuum Pumps

BRANSON: Ultrasonic  Cleaners

BRINKMANN: Autoclaves,  Circulating Baths, Centrifuges, Evaporators, Liquid Handling


CAHN: Microbalances 

CARBOLITE: Gen Purp Ovens and Incubators, Economy Chamber Furnaces to 1100°C, Gen Purp Chamber Furnances to 1300°C, High Temp Chamber Furnances (1400°C - 2050°C), Ashing & Burn Off Furnaces, Tube Furnances, Asphalt Binder Analyser, Coal & Coke Furnaces and Rotary Reactor Furnaces.

F.S. CARVER: Laboratory Presses

CHASE SCIENTIFIC GLASS: Capillary Tubes, Culture Tubes, Transfer Pipettes and various Vials. All products are Glass! (Many products sold only vary large quantities)

CHEMWARE/NORTON PERFORMANCE PLASTICS: For the Chemware line of teflon products, see the link below for Saint Gobain Performance Plastics

CONTROL  COMPANY: General Laboratory Supplies including Timers, Temperature and Humidity Products.

COORS: Porcelain  Products, including Crucibles and Desiccator Plates

CORNING:  Disposable  & Reusable Glassware, Hot Plates and Stirrers

CORNING COSTAR:  Corning Costar brand line of disposable products including plastic serological pipets and tissue culture products.

CSC SCIENTIFIC:  Bostwick Consistometer, Cenco Moisture Balance and DuNuoy Tensiometer

DECON LABORATORIES:  Cleaning Agents (Contrad 70, Dri-Contrad, Neutrad): Disinfectants (Conflict: Skincare Products Bacdown, Proguard); and The Pill for autoclave odors.

DEGUSSA NEY:  Furnaces

DENVER INSTRUMENTS:  Electronic Balances, Calibration Weight, Moisture Analyzers, Titrators, pH/ISE Meters and Electrodes

DICKSON COMPANY:  Data Loggers, Chart Recorders and Digital Indicators for Temperature and Humidity.

DIFCO PRODUCTS:  "See Becton Dickinson Microbiology" elsewhere within this list.

DRUMMOND SCIENTIFIC:  Pipet Aid, Microdispensers, Capillary Tubes, Decappers

DYNALON PRODUCTS: Laboratory Plasticware

DYNAMED:  Aluminum Weigh Dishes and Moisture Pans, Plastic Weigh Boats and Hex Weigh Dishes, Weighing Paper, Dyna-Trans Mailers, Polystyrene Beakers, Tri-Stir Beakers and Ampule Crackers

EAGLE MANUFACTURING: Safety Cabinets and Safety Cans

EAGLE-PICHER: Environmental Sampling Containers, including glass and plastic bottles, jar, jugs and vials. Many products available precleaned.

EAGLE THERMOPLASTICS,  INC: Aluminum Dishes, Bottle Tote Carriers, Polystyrene Beakers and Weigh Boats

EBERBACH: Blenders, Shakers, Micro Slide Storage Cabinets, Slide Warming Table and tissue Homogenizer

EDGE BIOLOGICALS:  Prefilled Phosphate Buffered Diltuion Bottles for WasteWater Analysis

ELECTROTHERMAL  PRODUCTS: Melting Point Apparatus, Stirring Apparatus, Heating Mantles, Heating Tapes and Pyrometers

ELKAY PRODUCTS: For Elkay branded labware including centrifuge Tubes, Pipet tips and specimen cups, refer to the link for Kendall.

EM SCIENCE: Chemicals


EPPENDORF:  see Brinkmann

ERIE HANDCARE:  Antimicrobial Hand Soap (SoftCide), Alcohol Gel (AlcoScrub), and Hand Cream (SoftGuard)

ERIE SCIENTIFIC: Microscope Slides

EVER READY THERMOMETER  COMPANY (ERTCO): A comprehensive line of thermometers.

EXCEL SCIENTIFIC: Sample Containers and Water Sampling Vials

FALCON: See Becton Dickinson Labware

FISHER SCIENTIFIC: Laboratory Equipment, Supplies and Chemicals

GAST:  Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

GAWET MARBLE: Marble Balance Tables and Slabs.

GELMAN SCIENCES: Analytical  Chemistry, Environmental Sampling, Life Sciences and Microbiological  Analysis

GILLIS:  Wire Shelving, Steel Carts and Cabinets, Gas Cyl Storage Cabinets, Platform Trucks, Lakeside Stainless Steel Carts, Rolling Ladders

GILMONT BRAND: Instruments  and Flowmeters from Barnant Company

GLAS-COL: Heating,  Controls, Shaking, Vortexing, Rotating, Stirring and Homogenizing

HAMILTON COMPANY:   Microliter Syringes and Needles, HPLC Columns and Diluter/Dispensers

HAMMOND, W.A.: Drierite Dessicant

HANNA INSTRUMENTS: pH Meters, Probes and Pocket Meters

HARDWOOD  PRODUCTS: Puritan and Purswab Products

H-B INSTRUMENTS: Therometers and Hydrometers

HEATHROW SCIENTIFIC: Plastic Specialty Racks, Microcentrifuge Tubes, Lead Rings, Rubber Bulbs, Basins, Weight Boats and Pour Boats, Microscope Supplies and Glove and Kimwipe Dispensers

HELLIGE: See "Orbeco-Hellige"

HERMLE: Tabletop  Centrifuges

H F SCIENTIFIC: DPD Chlorine Reagent Dispensers, Pocket Chlorine Photometers, Laboratory and Field Turbidimeters.

HIGH FIVE: Latex,  Nitrile and Vinyl Gloves

HUMBOLDT MANUFACTURING: Burners, Clamps & Supports, Cork Borers, Tongs, Tripods & Triangles and Miscellaneous Equipment.


J & W SCIENTIFIC: Chromatography Columns

JENCONS: Pipettors and Dispensers

JULABO: Chillers, Circulators, Coolers and Water  Baths

JUSTMAN BRUSH: Laboratory Brushes

JUSTRITE: Safety  Cabinets and Cans

KIMBERLY-CLARK: Disposable Products: Coveralls, Kimwipes, Lab Coats and Lab  Soakers

KIMBLE–KONTES GLASS: Disposable  and Reusable Glassware

KIPP AND ZONEN: Chart  Recorders

KORD PRODUCTS: Petri Dishes and Containers for the Laboratory.

KYOTO ELECTRONICS  MFG: Potentiometric Automatic Titrators and Moisture  Titrators

LABCONCO: Blood Drawing Chairs, Fume Hoods, Freeze  Dry Systems, Glassware Washers, Glove Boxes, Safety Cabinets,  Laboratory Carts, Rotary Evaporators and more

LABINDUSTRIES: see  Barnstead/Thermolyne

LAB-LINE  INSTRUMENTS: Environmental Chambers, Furnaces, Incubators  (CO2 and General Purpose), Ovens, Refrigerators & Freezers,  Shakers and Waterbaths

LAKESIDE: Laboratory  Carts

LAMOTTE: Water  Quality Testing Products

LINEAR: see  Barnstead/Themolyne

MARKET FORGE: Sterilmatic Sterilizer


METEOR GLASS: Glass  Pasteur & Serological Pipets, Test Tubes

METTLER: Electronic  Balances

MICRON SEPARATIONS (MSI): Laboratory  Filtration Products



NALGENE  LABWARE: Laboratory Plasticware

NATIONAL LABNET: Incubators, Liquid Handling, Mini-Centrifuge, Rockers and Shakers

NEYTECH: See DeGussa Ney

NORTON PERFORMANCE  PLASTICS: Sealing Film, Teflon products (including  beakers,boiling stones, cylinders, matting, spatulas and surface  protectors) and Tubing

NOVA: Microscopes

NUNC: Chamber Slides, Immunoplates, Microwell Plates, Petri Dishes and  Tissue Culture Flasks

ORBECO-HELLIGE:  Testing Instruments and Test Kits for Water Analysis

OHAUS: Electronic  Balances

ORION  RESEARCH: Water Quality Meters and Accessories, including  pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)  Measurement.

OXFORD LABWARE: Bacti-Cinerator, Blood Drawing Chairs, Bubble Tubing, Paraplast,  Pipettes, Pipet Tips, Specimen Containers, Syringe Dispensers and  Tri-Pour Beakers.

PMC: See  Barnstead/Thermolyne

POLYFOAM PACKERS: Bio  Shippers & Mailers, Bottle Shippers, Dry Ice machines, Dry Ice  Storage Chests, Specimen Mailers, and U-Tek Refrigerant Packs

POPPER & SONS: Reusable Laboratory Needles

PRECISION SCIENTIFIC: Autoclaves,Incubators,Ovens, Shaking Baths,Vacuum Pumps and Water  Baths

PRINCE RUBBER: Laboratory Grade Rubber Stoppers

QORPAK: Glass and Plastic Bottles, Jars, Vials and  Jugs; Thermoset, Polyproylene and Metal Closures with various  liners.

QUINCY LAB CORP: Incubators, Ovens and Slide Cabinets


RED BIRD  SERVICE: Standardized testing Solutions and Chemicals  for the Laboratory

REVCO: Ultra-low  Upright Freezers

RICCA CHEMICAL: Chemical testing Solutions for the Laboratory

SAFESKIN: Latex gloves for the Medical and  Scientific market

SARTORIOUS CORP: Electronic Balances

SCIENTEMP: Ultra-low  Chest freezers

SCIENTIFIC  INDUSTRIES: Genie Vortex Mixer and Multi-purpose Rotator

SCIENTIFIC MATERIALS CO  (SCIMATCO): Wood and Plastic Acid and Flammables Cabinet

SHERWOOD MONOJET: Blood Collection Tubes, Needles & Syringes

SIBATA: Laboratory Glassware and Flitration  Equipment

SIMPORT PLASTICS: Laboratory  Plasticware

SPECTRONICS: Fluorometers and Spectrophotometers

SUNRISE INDUSTRIES: Disposable Coveralls, Gowns, Jackets, Lab coats, Scrubs and Shoe  Covers

THERMOLYNE: See  Barnstead/Thermolyne

TIMEMED: Labeling  Tape

TROEMNER: Calibration  Weights and Weight Sets

TURNER: See  Barnstead/Thermolyne

TYLER: Testing Sieves  and Sieve Shakers

ULTRA-VIOLET PRODUCTS (UVP): Ultraviolet  Lamps and Transilluminators

VWR SCIENTIFIC  PRODUCTS: Laboratory Equipment, Supplies and Chemicals


WHATMAN: Laboratory  Filtration, Microfiltration and Chromatography products

WHEATON SCIENCE  PRODUCTS: Bottles, Closures, Dessicators, Environmental  Products, Liquid Handling, Vials and More.

YELLOW SPRINGS INSTRUMENT  (YSI): Dissolved Oxygen Meters, Conductivity Meters,  Precision Thermistors & Probes and Photometers





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