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Seneca Tec’s Chem-Kwik chemical cleaner is used worldwide for removing tough chemical stains.

CHEM-KWIK™ Chemical Cleaner

Available in quart size with spray nozzle
or economy one gallon containers.

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CHEM-KWIK TM Distributor:

  • USA Genprice Inc. Ca
  • International Gentaur Bvba

CHEM-KWIK™ is a special water-activated chemical cleaner that was formulated in 1981 to function as a non-flammable, rust inhibiting,
non-corrosive cleaner.
The industrial strength all purpose biodegradable cleaner for:

• Photo Labs
• Boats
• Machines
• Households
• Print Shops



Now there’s a heavy duty way to do the chemcial cleaning and save a bundle. CHEM-KWIK™ cleans away stubborn photo chemical stains and is the ideal cleaner for such surfaces as:

• Polypropylene
• Stainless Steel
• Polyethylene
• Fiberglass
• Painted Surface

Note: may damage aluminum

Just spray or pour on the stain and CHEM-KWIK’S stain removing action will go to work for you.
Inexpensive, safe and easy to use.

CHEM-KWIK is also great for:

• Grease, tar, oil and diesel stains
• Dripping rust stains from metal fixtures
• In the galley, shower and on the deck of fiberglass boats
• At home in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, barbecues and patio areas
• Safe on fabrics and carpets

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