Mixes Both Powder and Liquid
Chemistries Quickly and Efficiently!

Centered mixing in an unbaffled tank creates vortexing. While normally undesirable, votexing accelerates the dispersing and dissolving of light liquids and hard-to-wet powders.

All Seneca Tec’s tanks provide on-center mixing that is efficient, rapid and aeration free.


The on-center tank design incorporates a standard propeller-type mixer, mounted on-center, in a dish bottom tank with baffles or fins on the tank’s sidewalls. These fins eliminate vortexing, and their radial motion of the solution is converted to a top-to-bottom pumping action. More than any other design, this one enables solids to be mixed with greater efficiency.

• Portable 25 gallon (95 liter) mix tank on stainless steel dolly with heavy duty rubber castors.
• Polyethylene tank is chemical-resistant and is designed with molded-in anti-vortex baffling for efficient on-center mixing.
• Solutions are easily dispensed via 6 feet of clear PVC tubing and rigid PVC “J” tube.
• Quick disconnects and valves available upon request.
• A convenient single switch on the fiberglass cover controls both the mix motor and discharge pump.
• On-center, propeller-type mixing permits the quickest, most efficient mixing of lightweight chemistries — even powders.

Standard Poly-On-A-Dolly
Single speed mix motor mounted on the center of the cover mixes full 25 gallon batches — or as little as 10 gallons.

Variable Speed Poly-On-A-Dolly
Features a mix motor with variable speed control that allows batches as small as 5 gallons to be mixed thoroughly without aeration or excessive turbulence.


Hydro-Mixer Poly-On-A-Dolly
Instead of a mix motor, this model uses a center-mounted piping assembly that tees off to two jets. The pump provides mixing and pump out functions. A valve controls flow rates for mixing smaller batches. This model is not recommended for mixing powders or oil chemistries.


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